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I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with the outcome of the refinance process you helped us with.

You and your team really live up to high standards.
Elias C.
For me, buying a condo was one of the most stressful situations that I've ever face, and most of it was because of the decisions that I made prior to getting a mortgage, like saving in different accounts, having money that was not seasoned, etc. I really made a mess prior to getting in contact with Savings Residential Mortgage. However, Lisa and her team (Tahir and Shakira) made me feel welcome from the beginning, working hard on my case to resolve all the issues that I created as an unexperienced first time home buyer, Lisa was with me every single day, I can present emails of all the transactions where she never lost her temper and was always proffessional, even on the phone was always patient and caring, she worked overtime on my case, even allowed me to contact her on her days off, making me feel like if I was part of her family, someone she needed to take care of. I'm so grateful I was able to work with such amazing people, and that because of her, now I'm a Homeowner. Thank You!
We closed on the home last Friday, no problems except for some writer's cramps after all of the paperwork and forms I had to sign. Alas, I had to send a wire transfer for $183.81 to cover some of the addtional costs to complete the closing (Oh, poor me)! But, we now have the keys and the garage door opener and have begun the moving in process.

I just wanted to convey to You, Ruth, and every one else at Residential Savings and Mortgage how much I appreciate all of your efforts in making this entire process as painless and as efficient as possible. Both my realtor and the closing agent commented on your efficiency in making sure everything was complete and in order at the time of closing by mentioning your company's efforts made this one of the fastest and easiest "short sale" closing they have ever had. I attribute their comments to pure professionalism and attention to detail on the part ot Residential Savings and Mortgage.

So again, I want to thank all of you for your help, advice, and all of the efforts you made on our behalf. And, Thanks for "sticking with me".

Always "Check 6"
Mike Willmore, LCDR USN (Ret.) (FT LAUDERDALE, FL)
very smooth the processing and they close my loan with no issues and I highly recommend to anyone to do business with them.....
rtegiancchi (boca raton fl)
Had a great experience with them and would recommrnd them and use tgem again myself
kris (miami lakes, fl)
They did what they said they would do. They always answered the phone. When there was an unexpected fee change outside of their control they changed their own rate so that my closing cost came out the same. A+
bigblades (Tampa, FL)
I was very satisfied with the company and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the world! They are great to work with and make dreams come true!!!
Anonymous (Hollywood, FL)
These guys are great! They went above and beyond their jobs to make sure I got approved for my mortgage. They were able to successfully navigate the bank's requirements to make sure I received the best deal for my dream house. I would recommend them (and have) to anyone that needs a mortgage.
RichFFL (Florida)
I need to tell you that I am very impressed with your speed of loan processing and delivery of the exact terms you promised. You definitely have my next mortgage application when I pursue another real estate property.
The mortgage services went above and beyond in making arrangements and making, sure we were able to re-finance our home.
Lori & Tom Spencer
This company and Tahir were recommended to me from a friend. Everyone I delt with in the company was very nice, responsive got back to me right away and did a good job in what they were doing. Tried to save me money wherever they could. It was a very easy and smooth process. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone.
Mandy Tyler-Jedlund
This was a seamless experience Michael Carmell at Residential Savings Mortgage handled it quickly, professionally and most importantly I had no surprises! I really appreciate all you did to move this along! You were on top of my request from the start and I am amazed at how fast it moved (15 days from start to ready to close!)

Being I am in the banking industry I see these deals go wrong and sideways all the time, but I have to say this was a very pleasurable experience. Thank you for taking the time and for being so diligent, quick, not at all pushy, and for providing various options. If I had to rate you I would give you an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!

Thanks a million
Teresa Boyd
Solved all problems quickly and professionally.
Theodore Speaker
The entire process was easy and pleasant. Very fair and fast!
Christin Neff
William, Favisto and Sergio were effective with our needs, we found with them the best mortgage solution for our current financial situation.
Karen Maldonado
Fantastic! Michael Carmell and his team did a wonderful job from start to finish!
Michelle Kelly
I contacted Mr. Ganofalo for a mortgage refinance and he and his company made a good job for me.
The services were provided in an exemplary manner, I received clear instructions, accurate disclosures and the interest rate. Closing costs and closing date were as promised.
Roger Washinhton
They were great overcoming all of the hurdles of getting me a mortgage to refinance my house; this is the second time they got a mortgage for me.
Everything was punctual and I was treated with dignity and respect.
David Styf
Went well, every one was professional, courteous, friendly.
Mabel Williams
It was pleasure speaking with you yesterday in regard to the prequalification process required for my search of property in Florida. You seem to be a very personable and understanding individual and I'm sure you are the same in your personal family life.

I look forward for future endeavors with you and your company and will be pleased to forward your information as a lending institution to several of my friends.....and I have a lot of them looking to either refinance or are looking to purchase, otherwise.

I thank you for your professional attitude and your timely response in this matter and appreciate your dedication going forward.

My sincere regards,
Pete Yaskell
Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance and patience with our home refinance. Not only for the Weston home but my parents also. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

God bless you!
Ben & Annie Mathew
You did it!!

Laiani just left and what a sweetheart of a young lady.

Glad she was sent our way.

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts and for success at the end.

Persistence Tahir... that's how I describe you but that's ok because that's how I once hired the best help I once had and that was from her persistence.

Persistence pays off in the end. Thank you.

When you guided me to the name of Lisa Fucci as my processor I knew I was in the right place.. a pleasant name from the past. Thank you also Lisa for all your hard work and efforts.

And a big thank you to Shakira also for her great work efforts.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.

Talk again soon.
Want to thanks for the time, effort, and persistence in my refinance process.

Although I thought the Credit Union had a better offer, you were one of the better loan officer I encountered.

Thanks again...
Tahir, I have already recommended your firm to a few of my friends as well as my son. I have asked them to ask directly for you and to tell them that I sent them. I look forward to getting the credit line in place. Not sure what the timing might be. Just let me know. Thanks again
Jerry Greenier
It certainly was a pleasure dealing with you as you are truly very professional and courteous. On a side note, I gave Michael's card to my neighbor who also had his run-ins with Bank of America as he was looking to refinance as well and I told him he could not expect better service from either you or Michael. I hope he calls you - his name is Jonathan Berke.

Hal Toshek
Thank you so much for the copy. Direct Mortgage sent us a copy the day before but I must tell you that we have been so impressed by you and your company in this refinance process! I must admit we were a little apprehensive at first since we have never gone this route before but you have been so professional and helpful each step of the process and we would not hesitate to highly recommend you and your company to others. You have handled the loan application in a very expeditious and yet personal manner and we thank you!

Just let us know if you need any further informantion.
I did not really do much other then sign. They did all the work and ended up paying $700 less a month.
Martin Krooshof
Best mortgage experience ever. I have taken many mortgage and never has any company come close to their level of service. Tahir is fantastic.
David Wyatt
Tahir and his team were great. They were always available and always punctual. I always knew where we were in the process and got good advice on how to make the closing process go smoothly. We closed right on time with none of the last minute hiccups that I've so frequently experienced at prior closings, particularly for a second home. Lisa Fucci and Shakira were the two people on Tahir's team with whom I had the most contact and they were awesome. All the t's were crossed and the i's dotted.
Dan Styf
Refinance. Michael Carmel was great.
Marilyn Berning
I was initially dreading to go through the process of refinancing. The last time i did was over 15 years ago. The opportunity was too great to pass up. My inital mistake worked to my benefit. I requested information on line and got a slew of calls of companies interested to take on my refi (or should i say call centers!). I thought they were all the same and then i spoke with Michael Carmell of Residential Savings Mortgage out of Fort Lauderdale. He is low key, very informative, no pressure professional that was a pleasure to work with and speak with (as well as educate me on the current market). I am a CPA by profession and still when it is a personal investment, you become very cautious. He has tremendous patience and yet a sense of urgency when necessary. I asked for multiple scenarios (i.e. taking cash out of the mortgage, different mortgage rates and terms) and he happily sent me all the different requests. We would then speak about my goals for the refi and his professional opinion on which option would best serve me.

His turnaround time from the request to closing was very fast and there were no surprises. I put zero as the cost of service since i did not have to pay closing costs or go out of pocket for anything other than the appraisal fee (about $475) as everything else was built into the loan. As a matter of fact, on the 3rd business day i recieved the proof of wire into my account (for additional funds i added to the refi) as well as the pay off for my first mortgage and my Home Equity LIne.

His team is solid. Attention to detail impressive He coordinated the appraisal and then the closing (at our home!) and it was done so easily i could kick myself for not refinancing sooner. I read so many horror stories of people that had gone through this process and i am happy to say i found a great financial partner in Michael.
marvin katz
Exellent service from Mr. Michae Carmell, very patient with me.
Fernano Adames
After being mis-led by the Lender I initially selected from my inquiry on the Internet, I am very thankful to have found a company that delivers its promises, thank you again. Your good standing with an 'A+' rating with the BBB is evidence that you care for your customers and that honesty is your hallmark. Thank you for your timely and outstanding service.
A letter of thanks, for a job well done to Residential Savings Mortgage. I was contacted by RSM after answering one of those refinancing ads. My wife and I were in a financial bind, refinancing was the only way out. RSM gained our trust from the very first interaction. After asking a few questions for which I supplied honest answers, RSM came back with an interest rate and a plan, which I accepted. Your Processing Department provided me with disclosures in a timely and very professional manner. Things went incredibly smooth and 15 days later we signed all the paperwork and the refinancing was done at the rate promised. In my professional career, I had a term I used when describing a few of the teams I worked with, World Class. Your company provided me with World Class service in the procurement of my loan, and did it in a timely and professional manner. I thank you very much for your assistance, and a job very well done.
To Residential Savings Mortgage,
I want to thank you for all that you've being doing for me. Initially I received many offers, I then reviewed your offer with my son who has a financial background, and he agreed that your loan product accomplished all of my goals and stated that you were the only company to trust with my refinance. He has strong respect for you and your diligent work. Thank you again for providing an excellent financial solution to me and my wife.
This company puts the customer first! Your style of not 'pushing' a loan on us is admirable, as I, like many, prefer choices and options. My son-in-law wants to include your company in a monthly newsletter he sends out to his clients, as he is impressed with the level of service and competence that you provide. I told the another company that they lost my business once they started telling me what I had to do. Thank you again for assisting us with our refinance.
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